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Gone Fishin’

Many people who know me personally know that I love fishing.  I love it.  I try to go fishing as much as I possibly can.  Some people get a little surprised when I tell them this because I suppose I don’t look like a die hard fisherwoman, but I am.  I actually have dreams of fishing.  Granted, I usually only catch sunfish.  But, I adore that this activity relaxes me.  I could fish all day in the same spot that had no fish.  It truly relieves my soul.

With that said, I was able to get away and do some fishing with the fam.  While my parents were inevitably late (haha) I took some pictures of the flowers around the marina.  I am happy with what I got.  I don’t usually take pictures of flowers or landscapes.

The biggest high of the day was that this was the first time my baby boy fished.  He learned how to cast for the very first time using an open-faced rod.  I was too proud of him.  He also caught his very first fish.  I was so happy that I had a camera to document this.  It gave me such feelings of elation to see him sitting at the front of the boat with my dad, his pap.  I could see myself at his age sitting right beside my dad.

It was a wonderful day and I wanted to share with all of my readers.  Below are some of the images that I captured.  Enjoy!!!

Andy & Lindsey Avon

I had a fantastic day with Andy and Lindsey!!!  I began shooting at Lindsey’s house and she had the coolest thing EVER!!!  Her mom found a decorative dress rack to hang her wedding dress.  This thing was superb.  I guess you’d have to be a wedding photographer to truly appreciate this.  I told Lindsey that I wanted to get one and keep it in my trunk because I am not always happy with the places that I can hang the dress.  This stand was awesome and I took a lot of pictures of it.  I would urge all brides-to-be to look into purchasing one of these.  Lindsey told me that her mom got it a TJ Maxx.  Believe me, I will be looking for one =)

After the ceremony we travelled down to Mellon Green.  The sun was hiding behind the clouds, THANKFULLY, and I was able to get some pretty stellar shots.  I tried a lot of new poses and angles.  I am super happy with what I ended up with.  The groomsmen were pretty cooperative and stoked to do the “Reservoir Dogs” walk.  The bridesmaids were delightful and tossed their bouquets like pro’s.  All the groomsmen caught them.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen that.  Kudos to the guys.

The reception was held at The Rivers Club.  This is one of my favorite venues.  I really like how the wedding has the entire floor.  It really makes the whole event feel a lot more personal.  I got some great dancing shots.  The party was awesome.

I am very grateful that Lindsey and Andy selected me to photograph their wedding day.  I had a wonderful time =)

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Lee & Anna Kate Melani

Lee and Anna Kate got married at one of my favorite churches, St. Stephen’s in Sewickley.  This was the first time I had the opportunity to shoot there and I was ecstatic.  The facade of the church is too gorgeous.  And, it was air-conditioned, so that is always a good thing =)  The ceremony was really powerful and the words were engaging.  I always feel so lucky to be able to be apart of a couples ceremony.

After family pictures at the altar we headed outside to get some shots of this incredible church.  Lee & Anna Kate were awesome.  They were so good with direction.  I was definitely taking advantage of that.  Anna Kate was an expert at striking a pose and really making my job easy =)  I got some shots of the two of them that I am still in awe over.

The bridal party was fun and full of energy.  I had a great time working with them throughout the day!  Anna Kate is a dancer and her and Lee organized a great bridal party entrance in the reception at Shannopin Country Club.  It was so much fun to watch and photograph.  Everyone danced all night long and gave me some amazing shots.

Thank you to everyone!  I had a great time.  Especially thanks to Lee and Anna Kate for selecting me to be apart of their wonderful day =)

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