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Mark & Ling

Ling contacted me just a few months before her wedding to inquire about availability.  Fortunately, it was the last date of the month that I had open.  We met and everything went great.  Ling described to me that there was going to be a Chinese Tea Ceremony first with a traditional wedding ceremony to follow later in the afternoon.  I was excited immediately.  I absolutely appreciate any sort of non-traditional aspect to a wedding day.

The day began at their house.  It was fantastic.  There was so much going on and so many opportunities to grab some really good candid, photojournalistic shots.  The Chinese Ceremony began as Mark and the boys arrived.  The bridesmaids had to keep them out until Mark offered a gift that was “worthy” enough.  Mark and the groomsmen then had to participate in several games in which they had to win in order for Mark to be allowed to see and “take” Ling.  All of the games were hilarious and they guys were good sports.  At one point they had to watch Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video and replicate the dance.  Later which they did again at the reception.  It was great.  The actual tea ceremony was amazing to watch and photograph.  I really tried to get some unique shots without disturbing anything.

After lunch Ling got ready for the ceremony at St Paul.  I’ve said it once and I will say it again, St. Paul is a great church for a wedding.  Its gigantic, it’s beautiful, and it’s air-conditioned.  The ceremony, as usual, was flawless and gorgeous.  The light was perfect and the images of Ling at the altar are breathtaking to me.  I always feel so lucky when I get a really really good image.  It may sound odd, but I don’t always feel like the images that I take are 100% mine.  What I mean is, is that the light has to be right, the darkness has to be right, the lens has to be right, the mechanics of the camera have to be right…. we all have to be aligned to get an incredible image.  It’s like a band- everyone works together to make a sound.  I work with several different elements that I usually don’t have much control over.

Mark and Ling wanted to travel to a lot of cool places for on-site shooting.  We stopped at The Hot Metal Bridge and then on 21st street in the South Side.  I love all of the photographs.  I am very pleased with how they turned out and I think I was able to utilize the sun this time- rather than always trying to run away from it =)

The reception continued on the Gateway Clipper.  This is the first time that I had an event on a boat.  It was amazing.  I think it is such a different type of venue and experience for everyone.  The bride and groom arranged a surprise for dancers to come aboard and perform.  There was a band and two dancers inside of a dragon.  It was mesmerizing to watch and absolutely beautiful.

The day way amazing and I am very happy that Mark and Ling found me and chose to include me for their wedding day.

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Nick & Janice Engagement

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Nick and Janice for their engagement session.  We started shooting on campus at Duquesne University.  Janice had attended college there.  The students were back at school but they didn’t pose any problems for the shoot.  The clouds were thinning so I tried to get as many shots as possible without direct sunlight.

Janice had told me prior that she wanted to incorporate swings in some of their pictures.  We were heading up to Mt. Washington anyhow, so were searched for a park.  Luckily we found one that was pretty much unoccupied.  Funny, there was a boy there skateboarding and for some reason he thought we were there taking pictures of all of the graffiti— like, we were undercover cops.  When we were leaving he ran up to us asking if we checked in the woods because there was more graffiti there.  SO!!!  If you’re the kids writing graffiti at Olympia Park you better watch out, we’re on to you!!!!!  😉

We closed the session at Grandview Park where they wanted Nick’s dog Amber in some of the photo’s.  I had never met a dog named Amber before.  It was strange to hear, “AMBER!  SIT, AMBER!  Good girl.”  =)  Amber was awesome and did a very good job posing for pics.

I can’t wait until the wedding day!!!

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Don & Jenna

I had met with Jenna about a year ago and we hit it off right away.  Soon after she booked me we completed an engagement session and began discussing the wedding.  We kept in touch every couple of weeks regarding details, image ideas, hairstyles, etc.  It was awesome.  I always appreciate and savior when one of my brides feels so comfortable with me that she wants to share her life with me.  I urge all brides to do this with their photographers.  Because I have said it before, and I will say it again— we are the ONLY person that is literally within 10 feet of you for the ENTIRE day =)

I was so happy to see Jenna again on her wedding day.  She looked so beautiful when she opened the door to her family home to welcome me in.  I began shooting the dress and all of her accessories.  There was a spectacular green chair in one of the rooms.  I had to utilize that.  It’s not every day that you have something so bold to use as a backdrop to the shoes.  There was so much energy in the home that it was not hard for me at all to get some good photojournalistic shots— my favorite.

The ceremony was so pretty.  There was fabric strung everywhere.  One thing that Jenna did that I thought was a FABULOUS idea, was that she used fabric to block off the inner aisle.  She had told me that this was so that guests would not step out and be in the way of Donnie’s sight of her as she walked down the aisle.  HOW SWEET!!!!  On a photographic note**** this is a very good idea for pictures as well.  If people can’t step out into the aisle you (I) have less chance of them in my pictures when I’m trying to focus on the bride and groom.

After a lavender toss we headed to the Southpointe Golf Club.  This is a very nice venue.  Unfortunately, there was a storm a-brewing and we were only able to get a few shots outside.  Jenna’s mom had made her 10′ veil.  After photographing it blowing in the wind it literally slipped right out of Jenna’s hair.  BUT, with her cat-like reflexes she caught it!!! HA HA… I was impressed.

The most amazing image from the day is the image below with Jenna and her father at the reception.  Her father had fallen ill a couple of days before the wedding and there was a chance he wasn’t going to be able to make it.  Prayers were answered and he was able to attend.  During the father-daughter dance there was a slideshow playing of the two.  My second shooter was able to get two amazing shots that I think are breathtaking.

I had an amazing time.  I love Jenna and Donnie and I am so thankful that they selected me to photograph their day!!!

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