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At least five times a day I sit for a few and wonder how I can make myself a better photographer and how I can have a better business.  I think we all do that.  Because my business soley relies on my own activity, I feel that I am always in a race.  Today I found myself pondering equipment.  Should I buy a more expensive camera, should I purchase a strobe, etc…  Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.  I like to remind myself that I was born from the day of film.  I would wind my own film on the metal roll, load it in the camera, take it off of the roll and process it all with my own two hands.  I used to spend hours and hours in the darkroom.  I would leave smelling of fix.  Anyone who has had experience with processing film can tell you that fix smells of ammonia and… and… grease or something.  Ha Ha, it’s been a long time.  Any how, I start to feel ok again when I think back to where I came from.  When I get uneasy about having the right equipment, etc, I remind myself that I have taken a picture with an oatmeal box.  This is called pin-hole photography.

All of those thoughts led me to some photo’s that I took at the zoo with my point and shoot.  The settings were on program.  I feel like this is a perfect example that the camera doesn’t make the photographer— the photographer makes the photographer.  I love these images and I thought I would share with all of my readers =)

Sometimes (I believe all of the time) it’s about being in the right place at the right time.  As I said before, I am a firm believer that to get a good image everything must be aligned.  When I capture images like this I feel very thankful that I was able to be APART of it.  Apart of everything that was aligned to capture these.  I just happened to look into the water and saw this.  Fortunately, I had a camera with me.  I don’t tend to carry along my big rig when I go to the zoo.  So, I hope you enjoy.

Corey & Denae Engagement Session

I recently had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Corey and Denae for their engagement session.  It was a super gorgeous day and the leaves looked phenomenal.

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I love how soft and gentle these images are.  They definitely did a great job!

Would you believe that Denae carries Corey on her back like this often?!?!?  How funny is that.  I love it!  What a tough chick!!!

I love lens flare.  It’s funny how something like lens flare used to be frowned upon for a professional photographer, when now I think it enhances the image.  I absolutely love when the lens or camera takes part in the overall image.

The light coming through this gazebo was to die for.  I love how it caused a natural highlight around the figure.

Lou & Jessica

Lou and Jessica got married on a beautiful fall day!  It was definitely a nice break from the rainy weather we’d been having.  I arrived nice and early at their home to photograph Jess and the girls.  Jess’s dress looked really cool hanging in the window.  Usually, the dresses are too think for the light to shine through.  It was great to be able to see some of the lace detail.

The guys popped over for a bit so I could take some shots of them before the ceremony.  Lou was awesome.  I didn’t even have to tell him to change positions or look here or there.  He was going through the moves.  It was great.  Usually the grooms would rather NOT be getting their picture taken- ha ha =)

Soon after the guys split so Jess could get dressed.  I took her in the backyard and took some photo’s of her on the bench that Lou had proposed to her on.  It was important for them to incorporate that into the images.  And, check out the picture of Jess’s tattoo.  Lou designed it for her.  If you look closely you can see that it’s all letters.  It’s Jess’s maiden name.  How cool is that?!?

The ceremony was very nice and emotional.  Fortunately, the church was right across from a park in the North Side.  After pictures in the church we headed over there for some bridal party shots.  These groomsmen were definitely in the spirit.  Take a look at some of them posing.  Hilarious.  The bridemaids were fabulous as usual =)

The reception was help at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association.  Definitely one of my favorite venues.

Thanks to Lou and Jessica for selecting me to photograph their special day.

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