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Wedding Pictures at Southpointe Waterfall | Tom & Jen

I initially met Tom a year ago at a wedding I  had photographed.  I remember seeing him with Jen during the reception and thought that they looked really in love.  So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I received an email from Jen inquiring about my availability for their date.  During our engagement session I got to know them a little better.  I can say without a doubt that they are both the sweetest and nicest people ever.  I was really looking forward to their wedding day.

How gorgeous is this dress?  The only way it looked better was when Jen had it on! Wowee!

Bridesmaids helping out.

So dapper.  Tom and Jen do a great job holding poses for pictures.

Now THAT’S a first kiss!!!

Great looking wedding party!

Cathedral length veils= great wedding images!

This is so genuine.  This is their happiness.

Beautiful cake design!