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Wedding Pictures in Oakland | Wedding Pictures on Carousel | Megen & Keith

When Megen and Keith’s engagement session was over I knew that this couple was totally in love.  They were both so giddy around one another and the smiles were not forced at all.  They cuddled up to one another and expressed pure, genuine love.  Their images turned out amazing because of this.  So, you can images that I was thrilled when their wedding day arrived.

Yeah, these are gorgeous!

Creative shot from, Renee, my 2nd shooter.  Go Renee!

One of the benefits from having two photographers.  You get the processional from both angles.

You’d be surprised how often the wedding rings don’t slide on so easily during the summer months.

The endearing nuzzle.  So sweet.

The bride always has to sit on the white stallion!

See- SMILES!  They smile, smile, smile… together. =)

Photojournalism at it’s best.

Thanks to Eric Schiemer’s mad DJ skills, this pretty bride was rocking ALL NIGHT!

What would one of my posts be without Sparkler Pics?!?  Ha ha.  I am working on incorporating more ambient light and skylight.

Oakland Carousel Wedding Pictures | Ryan & Krista Sneak Peek

Cori & Matt | Oakland Carousel | Columns

Matt and Cori made my job easy! Before every wedding I send out a questionnaire to my clients. When I was reading the one Cori sent back I noticed that she included that she liked getting her picture taken. This stuck out to me because usually people feel a little uneasy, AT FIRST, when getting their photo taken. Cori was a natural in front of the lens. And, of course, Matt followed right behind her.

Matt and Cori elected to have all of their portraits done before the ceremony. We shot in Oakland and then at the Hot Metal Bridge. I am totally in love with the images I was able to capture.

The rest of the day was perfect and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. Thanks again to Matt and Cori!!!