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Sheraton Station Square Wedding | Eric & Stacey Preview

Stacey is a photographers dream.  I hardly had to direct her at all.  She definitely increased my exclamations of “beautiful!” “perfect!” “that’s it!”  All of my favorite adjectives 😉  During our engagement session I noticed how at ease both Stacey and Eric were with the camera and most importantly with each other.  They have been together since sophomore year of high school and you can definitely sense the essence of partnership.

When I arrived onsite to the hotel, Stacey opened the door and she sparkled!  She was so breathtaking.  She looked so happy!  I found Eric down in the lobby at the bar– and he too- was calm as a cucumber.  The ceremony was meaningful and heartfelt.  As Stacey and Eric spoke their vows to one another I smiled to myself.  I could feel the excitement between the two; excited to begin the next chapter in their lives.

We remained at the hotel for pictures.  I scouted out a nice courtyard area which we later found out that the only access was through the pool.  I can only imagine what it would have been like to have come up for air only to see a bride and a whole wedding party walking past the lounge chairs.  The weather outside was still a little chilly- but perfect for us.  In the small space that we had- I was able to get some amazing images of the couple.  I truly believe that this was in part due to how much they genuinely love one another.

My jaw dropped too the first time I saw these shoes!

Look how huge their smiles are!



Allegheny Commons & Strip District Engagement Pictures | Eric & Laura

The time I spent with Eric and Laura for their engagement session was absolutely amazing.  Besides the fact that they are GORGEOUS- they are also the sweetest EVER!  They looked so great when they stepped out of the car at our starting point- the Allegheny Commons.  I knew the rest of the day was going to be epic =)))

Um, HELLO?!?  This was all Laura!  She gave me the best look ever!

The contrast between the Commons and the Strip District was very cool.

I am so glad that Laura and Eric suggested we photograph with the bridge in the background.  6 eyes are always better than 2 =)

Such a lovely, lovely couple.  I cannot wait until their wedding on New Years Eve 2012.  My first New Years Eve Wedding Ever!  Very excited =))))