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Mellon Park Engagement Pictures | Melissa & Bryce

It was a gorgeous afternoon at Mellon Park during Melissa and Bryce’s Engagement Session.  This location really has a lot of opportunity for beautiful imagery.  Pretty much— You can’t lose!

This was my second time seeing, but first time formally meeting with the couple.  I had photographed a family member a few years ago and both Melissa and Bryce were at the wedding.  It was great spending some time with them and I am very excited for their wedding next season.  Below are some of my faves from the session.


Fall Engagement Session | Jill & Rick

It was a cold, cold day when I photographed Jill and Rick for their E-session. The one thing that struck me about them was how it didn’t bother them one bit. These two are such a cool couple that the shoot went off without a hitch. I didn’t even really notice the weather at all. Jill and Rick became comfortable with the camera almost immediately, and boy, does it show. They are remarkably photogenic and I cannot wait for their wedding next year.

I had such a pleasure spending the afternoon with them and I couldn’t be happier with the images.  I am pleased with the different perspectives I was able to capture at such a familiar site.  I try to relay this to all of my clients- just because you’ve seen pictures done at a specific location, or “everyone shoots at a certain spot,” that should not discourage you from wanting to shoot there.  Some locations are popular for a reason- You get GREAT pictures =)  With that being said- I love Hartwood Acres =)  Enjoy!

I love the lines in the image.  They all lead to their faces.

Can’t beat the fall colors this time of year.

Their puppies were so cute.  I thought this family pic came out great!


Mellon Park Engagement Session | Fall Engagement Pictures | Lynn & Rob

It’s a tricky thing scheduling e-sessions for October.  The weather is so unpredictable that sometimes an engagement session falls on a cold, rainy day.  That is what happened initially with Lynn and Rob’s session- but I am glad that it did.  The day we rescheduled for was gorgeous and warm.  The evening sun was shining so colorfully down.  I started right away with some shots incorporating the light- and I couldn’t be happier with the images.

We continued on the grounds and got some great shots.  I especially love the shot of Lynn’s ring in the flower.  Also, the ivy pictures turned out great.  I had lots of fun shooting them for the evening and I can’t wait for their wedding in May!

Images of the couple smiling and laughing are my favorite =)

The evening light does wonderful things at this location.

How cool is all the ivy?!?

The playfulness of these images is striking.

Great portrait shot!