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Todd & Julie Smith | Stonebridge Farm Wedding

I had been looking forward to Todd & Julies wedding all year. When I met with the couple I knew right away that I would have a great time photographing them. Todd is a DJ in Pittsburgh and Julie is such a cool, energetic chic!!! The details that Julie had for me to shoot pre-ceremony were awesome. She had one of those name hangers made out of twine- which is something I hadn’t seen yet. Very cool.

After the ceremony we photographed at the reception site; Stonebridge Farm Nursery. What a neat location. This was my first outdoor reception of the season, so I was definitely excited. The light at the time was beautiful so we jumped right into pictures. I am really happy with all of the images that I captured and Todd and Julie did great. Thank you guys again for selecting Amber Marie Photography =)


How gorgeous is she?  We were in a church basement where the only light was a small window by the ceiling.  The contrast between a run down environment and a crisp bride is just unparalleled.  I feel it makes a much more interesting sight.
I love this image all the more because the name is backwards.  Anything that actually makes you notice and look at an image is a good thing.
I am seeing brides step outside of the box more and more with their shoe selection.  I absolutely love it.
All of the small details at the reception were absolutely amazing.