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Joe & Allison Engagement Session > La Roche College & Hartwood Acres

When I initially met with Joe and Allison I thought they were awesome!  They were so fun and funny and I couldn’t wait until their engagement session.  We started off at La Roche College, which is where they met.  It was quite cold and windy, but we muscled through it.  These two are so gorgeous and in love.  It is so nice to spend time with two people like that.  Joe kept cracking Allison up which enabled me to get some pretty amazing shots of her.  What a beautiful smile this girls has, huh?  They fell right into the groove and followed direction perfectly.

We finished up and headed off to Hartwood Acres.  I didn’t even twist their arm for this location, ha ha!!!!  They loved the site.  And as they should, it is gorgeous no matter what time of year, rain or shine, sleet or snow 😉  I got some fantastic images of the both of them here.  I am so excited about it.  Allison mentioned a shot that she had seen in another shoot of a couple in a tree on a limb.  We went to that tree and Allison climbed right up without batting an eyelash.  This chick is a TROOPER! Which I am gad that she is, because the pics came out sensational.

Joe and Allison had one more surprise for me.  They let me in on a little secret— they LOVE ice cream!!! AND, we just so happened to pass a parlor right down the road.  I was ecstatic.  I have been trying to bring the idea of something non-traditional into my engagement shoots.  They ordered a banana split and a milkshake.  They were so much fun with it and made my job easy.  They did great!

I absolutely appreciate everything that Joe and Allison gave me during their shoot and I CANNOT wait until their wedding in August!!!