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Wedding Reception at The Camelot | Kim & Justin

The first time I met Kim was a few months before the wedding.  Her smile is infectious!  She has the sweetest demeanor and you just want to hug her =)  I had not met Justin until the wedding day.  But I already had a good idea of what to expect.  I saw a post from Kim on Facebook with an image of Justin waiting for her as she stood through security at an airport.  I thought that was the sweetest ever and knew that he was a true gentlemen.

Tiffany & Co. boxes make me so happy.

So, the story is that Justin saw something similar on Pinterest.  He didn’t want to copy the same message- so he made up his own.  Which I am sure is better than the one he saw.  Love this!

I added a film grain look to this image.  For me it compliments the motion of her veil.

The image on the right is such a cute idea, isn’t it?

The boys were so much fun to work with.  And kudos to Justin for wanting to shoot some more into the evening.  Great prop ideas, guys!