Trash The Dress | Rock The Dress | Jon & Sarah

I received an email from Sarah about a year ago inquiring about 1st anniversary photos.  As we got to chatting over email- the session cultivated into a ROCK THE DRESS session.  That name is courtesy of Sarah- which I think is perfect.  As we began to brainstorm we came up with the perfect idea; themes for each location.  Once we agreed on that there was no stopping us.  Red and black for the Strip District, purple and silver for the Hot Metal Bridge and soft pastels for the Succop Conservancy.  Throughout the whole year Sarah and I emailed and texted several times a month.  She would send me photo’s of her accessories, I would reply with “PERFECT!”  Then finally the day had come!  Beginning in the Strip District I looked at Sarah and Jon and explained to them that I would guide them with all of their poses and gestures and  Sarah responded, “We’ll do whatever you want us to do.  You just tell us.”  And the rest was history.

I really could not have made it any more perfect.  Sarah and Jon did an AMAZING job!  5 hours later we ended up with an epic portfolio of brilliant images that are absolutely breathtaking.  I urge all married couples to consider a session like this.  It’s a great encore to the wedding day photography.


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