Andy & Lindsey Avon

I had a fantastic day with Andy and Lindsey!!!  I began shooting at Lindsey’s house and she had the coolest thing EVER!!!  Her mom found a decorative dress rack to hang her wedding dress.  This thing was superb.  I guess you’d have to be a wedding photographer to truly appreciate this.  I told Lindsey that I wanted to get one and keep it in my trunk because I am not always happy with the places that I can hang the dress.  This stand was awesome and I took a lot of pictures of it.  I would urge all brides-to-be to look into purchasing one of these.  Lindsey told me that her mom got it a TJ Maxx.  Believe me, I will be looking for one =)

After the ceremony we travelled down to Mellon Green.  The sun was hiding behind the clouds, THANKFULLY, and I was able to get some pretty stellar shots.  I tried a lot of new poses and angles.  I am super happy with what I ended up with.  The groomsmen were pretty cooperative and stoked to do the “Reservoir Dogs” walk.  The bridesmaids were delightful and tossed their bouquets like pro’s.  All the groomsmen caught them.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen that.  Kudos to the guys.

The reception was held at The Rivers Club.  This is one of my favorite venues.  I really like how the wedding has the entire floor.  It really makes the whole event feel a lot more personal.  I got some great dancing shots.  The party was awesome.

I am very grateful that Lindsey and Andy selected me to photograph their wedding day.  I had a wonderful time =)

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  1. Lindsey and Andy says:

    These pictures are amazing and we have never seen better pictures before. We are thankful that we found you to take our wedding photos!!! We are so excited to see the rest! Thank you again for capturing our special day!

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