Jon & Jane Hale

…are the sweetest couple ever.  Perfect example;  I had Jane run to Jon with his arms open.  As she was running he was saying, “hurry up… hurry up, get over here…”  So sweet.  How much better could a job get than spending time photographing two people in love on their wedding day???

The events of their wedding day were close to home.  We began shooting at St James in Sewickley.  This is the first time I shot here and it was really nice.  Air-conditioned 😉 and nice.  The ceremony was really romantic.  Father really took the time to connect with the guests and relay the meaning of what was occurring.

After the ceremony we drove up to The Sewickley Heights Golf Club… again, the first time I had shot here.  This place is a gem.  Not only is it in Sewickley Heights and totally discreet, the ballroom has a lot of character.  The grounds around the club are great.  I decided to take the bridal party to the entrance.  This was one of the few spots that didn’t have direct sunlight.  Also, I really envisioned a great depth of field shot with them.  I love how the party is so in focus and the background quietly fades away.

As I always suggest, after spending some time with the group and I took the bride and groom out alone.  We drove around the course and I was able to get some great shots.  As mentioned above, Jane and Jon are so sweet and fun.  I wish I had more time to shoot them =)

I had a great time, The Sewickley Heights Golf Club is a great venue, and I totally appreciate Jon and Jane selecting me to photograph their wedding day =)

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