Joe & Shannon Villani

About an hour and a half into my meeting with Shannon we discovered that her dad was one of my favorite teachers from high school; The Creative and Performing Arts H.S. This was very cool.  I felt almost instantly bonded with her.

So, on her wedding day I was super anxious to see her again.  Her and her bridesmaids began getting ready at the Doubletree in Oakland.  This is a nice hotel and a very common starting ground for brides getting married in that part of the city.  What I was so thankful for that day was the natural lighting.  The lighting in the room was spectacular and I ate it up.  I probably took 500 pictures there alone.  There are opportunities and settings like that for us photographers that we can’t pass up.  “When the stars align”…like I always say =)

The ceremony ensued at St Paul’s Cathedral, which might be one of my most favorite churches.  Not only is it air-conditioned, but it is beautiful.  There is so much space to move around and so many different angles to shoot from.

Immediately exiting the church, Joe and Shannon found Roc, the Pitt Panther waiting for them.  How cool is that?!?!?  They had Roc for a good part of the afternoon and evening.  What a great addition.

We headed around to the local spots in Oakland and got some killer shots.  I am really, really pleased with what I ended up with.  Joe and Shannon were such troopers and totally on a mission to shoot at all of their favorite locations.  It was amazing, awesome and spectacular.  I was glad that they were determined and focused.

Their reception was held at The University Club.  This is the first time that I had the pleasure of shooting there.  It is a very nice place.  I definitely recommend it.  Roc made an appearance here as well.  One of the highlights from the night was that the Dj service Limelite Productions shot confetti off at the very end of the night.  This was awesome and I think this is a great addition to a reception.

I genuinely appreciate Joe and Shannon for selecting me to photograph their day.  I will never forget it =)

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  1. Jaclyn Berthold says:

    Shannon, you looked AMAZING!!!

    Amber, you are the best!

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