Nick & Janice Engagement

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Nick and Janice for their engagement session.  We started shooting on campus at Duquesne University.  Janice had attended college there.  The students were back at school but they didn’t pose any problems for the shoot.  The clouds were thinning so I tried to get as many shots as possible without direct sunlight.

Janice had told me prior that she wanted to incorporate swings in some of their pictures.  We were heading up to Mt. Washington anyhow, so were searched for a park.  Luckily we found one that was pretty much unoccupied.  Funny, there was a boy there skateboarding and for some reason he thought we were there taking pictures of all of the graffiti— like, we were undercover cops.  When we were leaving he ran up to us asking if we checked in the woods because there was more graffiti there.  SO!!!  If you’re the kids writing graffiti at Olympia Park you better watch out, we’re on to you!!!!!  😉

We closed the session at Grandview Park where they wanted Nick’s dog Amber in some of the photo’s.  I had never met a dog named Amber before.  It was strange to hear, “AMBER!  SIT, AMBER!  Good girl.”  =)  Amber was awesome and did a very good job posing for pics.

I can’t wait until the wedding day!!!

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