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At least five times a day I sit for a few and wonder how I can make myself a better photographer and how I can have a better business.  I think we all do that.  Because my business soley relies on my own activity, I feel that I am always in a race.  Today I found myself pondering equipment.  Should I buy a more expensive camera, should I purchase a strobe, etc…  Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.  I like to remind myself that I was born from the day of film.  I would wind my own film on the metal roll, load it in the camera, take it off of the roll and process it all with my own two hands.  I used to spend hours and hours in the darkroom.  I would leave smelling of fix.  Anyone who has had experience with processing film can tell you that fix smells of ammonia and… and… grease or something.  Ha Ha, it’s been a long time.  Any how, I start to feel ok again when I think back to where I came from.  When I get uneasy about having the right equipment, etc, I remind myself that I have taken a picture with an oatmeal box.  This is called pin-hole photography.

All of those thoughts led me to some photo’s that I took at the zoo with my point and shoot.  The settings were on program.  I feel like this is a perfect example that the camera doesn’t make the photographer— the photographer makes the photographer.  I love these images and I thought I would share with all of my readers =)

Sometimes (I believe all of the time) it’s about being in the right place at the right time.  As I said before, I am a firm believer that to get a good image everything must be aligned.  When I capture images like this I feel very thankful that I was able to be APART of it.  Apart of everything that was aligned to capture these.  I just happened to look into the water and saw this.  Fortunately, I had a camera with me.  I don’t tend to carry along my big rig when I go to the zoo.  So, I hope you enjoy.

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