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The week after Christmas I had the pleasure of photographing Brandon and Theresa for their engagement session.  I was a little concerned with how cold it was going to be, but it turned out to be warmer than it had been.  As soon as we arrived on site and I saw the snow I thought, “SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!”  I consider myself an unconventional wedding photographer, so I’m always attracted to ideas that are out of the norm.  I just find that if you have your subjects doing anything OTHER THAN sitting there and posing then you actually capture the dynamic of the couple.

This first shot was killer.  I think Theresa will love it.  I could tell that she was a little unsure as to what the actual image would look like compared to what they were doing.  I always try to put my clients at ease by explaining my technique and the actual “visions” that I have.  Ha Ha… there I go again with my “visions.” =)

The next couple of images I love as well.  I love these vines.  Have I said that before?  I don’t know, vines and ivy are just like the cherry on the top for any photograph.  You can’t go wrong.  As you can see below I able to get romantic images as well as fun ones of the couple laughing.  The ivy enhances both =)

Call me Amber 50mm.  For most of you who have no idea what I’m talking about I am speaking of my 50mm fixed lens.  This means that I cannot zoom.  Most lenses that wedding photographers use, and perhaps photographers in general, allow zoom.  This is totally beneficial and almost essential to capture the wedding in a photojournalistic way.  Though the lenses that we use are darn expensive and professional there is a difference between fixed and zoom.  Fixed lenses do not cause distortion around the edge of the frame.  Have you ever seen a picture and noticed the image at the edge is bowed or blurry?  This is why.  Also, the images tend to be sharper when the lens is fixed.  This is because the lens is less complicated and there is less room for error.  Now, I hope you enjoyed my Lenses 101 tutorial- HA HA.  I brought this all up because the next few images are shot with my 50mm.  Fixed lenses are really prime for close-up portrait shots.

After getting so close to them with my camera Brandon and Theresa definitely got more comfortable with the shoot.  I tend to use a lot of adjective when I shoot.  I’ll say, “Awesome!” “Gorgeous!” “Amazing!”  I can imagine how funny it must be to hear me.  Brandon picked up on it and we had a laugh about it.  During one of the poses he said, “This is intense.”  So I started using, “Intense!”  Ha Ha!  It was a good time.

Now it was snowball fight time!!!!  Brandon was excited!  I had them do a couple of mock stances and throws and then I let them unleash.  I told Theresa that I wanted her to nail Brandon and boy did she.  I am super stoked about getting these action shots.  I LOVE THEM!

Brandon and Theresa were awesome and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in July =)


  1. Theresa says:

    Thank you so much!! We absolutely LOVE our pictures! I think I’ve looked at them a thousand times already!! 🙂

  2. […] and Theresa are such a fun couple. I was looking forward to their wedding day ever since their engagement session.  Theresa actually nailed Brandon with a snowball… so, I knew she had a little fire in her […]

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