Post Wedding Session | Amanda & Brian | South Side

When I initially met with Brian and Amanda, Amanda expressed some concerns with time limitations during her wedding day. I fear that many brides feel this way… almost not wanting to super rush around. We decided on doing a Post Wedding Session. This worked out perfect because on their actual wedding day they weren’t stressed out.

A couple weeks later we scheduled the shoot for the evening and it was awesome. We started in the South Side and then headed to the Strip District. The images are amazing and I am so happy that we decided to do this. I urge all brides to consider this option if there are concerns about time limitations.

It was a great shoot and Brian and Amanda did an excellent job!



  1. Your Fan says:

    Another fantastic shoot! I love the South Side projects you do!!!

  2. vencanice says:

    Wedding dress is so gorgeous. Nice work

  3. I love this black and white photo. Fantastic presentation.

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