Pittsburgh North Shore Engagement Session | Dan & Carrie

I had an awesome afternoon with Dan & Carrie.  They are quite amazing in that they do Triathlons.  Dan was actually pointing out where they jump into the river, swim down river, jump out and hop on a bike.  I have heard of this before, but to actually hang out with people who did this was very impressive.  I also got to hear of how they got engaged at that very location this past December.

This is one of my favorite shots from the day.  Dan actually pointed out this location as we were walking.  Good eye!

I thought this was such a cute shot with the bikes.  I actually  picked one up and, surprisingly, they are very, very light.

Such a sweet moment.  I really enjoy capturing these sort of moments during the engagement shoots.  I feel like it relays a much more natural feel.

The innocence and candidness of this image is mesmerizing.  This is what I aim for!

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