Mellon Park Engagement Session | Miranda & Patrick

There is something really gorgeous about the evening light in October.  I know us photographers always say how much we prefer the weather to be overcast- but there is an exception to this; evening light.  With the right technique, photographing into the evening light can produce absolutely stunning images.  I had the light in mind when scheduling the e-session for Miranda and Patrick.  We began right as the sun was setting and I couldn’t be happier with the images that I captured.

I love the lens flare on this image.  Also, the bright outline of the couple, yet the softness of the rest of the image is a great contrast.

So, Patrick and Miranda arrived to the shoot with tons of great props!  I was so excited.  I always encourage my couples to bring props.

I had an amazing shoot with the couple.  And I am thrilled for their upcoming wedding in July.  GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!

  1. Photog Fan says:

    This is a great shoot! I love the color pop in the photos and the use of the sun is great as always. No wonder your work is copied so much!

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