Fall Wedding Pictures | LaRoche and Chadwick Wedding Reception | Shannon & Brad

When I arrived at the location where Shannon was getting ready I knew it was going to be a great day!  Everyone was so happy.  All the girls were laughing and having a great time.  The weather during getting ready pictures was quite fickle.  Fortunately, we were able to get some shots in.  The sun finally came out in full force at the end of the ceremony, casting such a gorgeous light right down on the happy couple.  I swear, it was godly.  I am so excited about those images.

LaRoche was windy and sunny.  The weather brought so much energy that it livened the whole shoot up.  Shannon did fabulous.  I always tell my girls to not be afraid to “Strike It!”  Ha ha!  All of us women have a little sass 😉

I love the little things that make each of these close-up shot personal.  The way that each couple executes this is amazing.  Here- Brad has his eyes slightly open.

Name Hangers!  Etsy.com!  Look at her shoes!!!  Gorgeous!

This picture was taken, literally, 3 seconds before it started to pour =)

How amazing is the light coming through those stained glass windows?

Groomsmen are so silly 😉

WOW!  Shannon did great with the soft posing I had her do.

Magazine shot!

Everyone was so full of energy and I had an amazing time.  As I promised, I am going to list the quote of the wedding day given by Shannon’s sister Chelsea, “Let’s talk about me for a minute… how’s my weave?”  That has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard at a wedding.  It was a great time.  Thanks again, Shannon and Brad, for choosing Amber Marie Photography.


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