Pittsburgh’s North Shore Engagement Session | Nate & Lisa

Again, because October weather is crazy, I had to reschedule Nate and Lisa’s engagement session.  But I am glad that I did.  It was freezing when we began shooting.  I am definitely excited about the images that I captured.

I joked that Nate and Lisa must be early birds because our session was pretty early (for an engagement shoot) and, our initial meeting was early too.  But, it was nice to try out a Friday AM shoot.  Recently, my sessions have been in the evening and at dusk.  So, I was excited about the challenge of a morning shoot.

Most of the session was under a blanket of clouds- which I couldn’t prefer more.  But, just at the end, when we were at the pier the sun started to peak out.  The light was just like a sunrise.  It was amazing.  I told them that I was really happy that we started so early because if the sun had been out the entire time the ability to get balanced images would be a bit tougher.

All in all I love the images.  Nate and Lisa did such a great job and we had a lot of fun!  I cannot wait for their wedding next season =)

Love this pic!  How perfect is the light?

I have become such a big fan of shooting directly into the sun.  I like the lens flare and also how it burns parts of the image.

What a location!  This has to be the best this spot looks all year.  The red bushes are so vivid.

Ha ha- I made them walk in the middle of a swarm of geese.  The geese didn’t mind much… fortunately.  I was having flashes of, “When Good Animals Go Bad!”  Ha Ha.

Such a sincere image.  I love it.

There they are- ready to attack.  Ahhh.  =)


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