St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding Ceremony | Phipps Conservatory Wedding Reception | Jimmy & Alex

As my luck has gone for my shoots in October- it has been either cold or raining.  On Alex and Jimmy’s wedding day that didn’t matter.  When I was around the couple I felt an immediate uplifting feeling.  They are so happy and in love- it is absolutely amazing.

I am so extremely pleased with the images that I was able to capture on their day.  I always say that it’s a team effort between myself and the couple to produce amazing photography.  Alex and Jimmy did a fantastic job and had a smile on their faces the entire time- even if we did get rained on a bit =))))

The fact that we had an opportunity to walk around Phipps was perfect.  I could never have picked a more perfect place to photograph this couple than a whimsical, breathtaking botanical garden.  It suited them well =)

The time that I spent with Alex and Jimmy, and the images that I was able to capture have made me a better person and a better photographer.  I thank them for everything and for choosing Amber Marie Photography.

Favorite (maybe even ever =)

Sassin’ it up.  I love when the bridesmaids are sassy =)  It’s such a fun image.

This image turned out great.  The lighting of the center is so vibrant.

Truly a work of art this image is.  I am dedicated to providing all of my clients with genuine, artistic imagery.

  1. Jenna Hackworth says:

    These are beautiful! I’m so happy to see how wonderful the pictures of Jim and Alex’s wedding are! You’re amazing, Amber!

  2. Alexandra Rockney says:

    Thank you for capturing our special moments so beautifully! You are such a pleasure to work with!

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