Waterfront UNO | Mellon Park Engagement Pictures | Pittsburgh North Shore | Laila & Joel

I was so excited for Joel and Laila’s engagement session.  Laila was so fun and bubbly at our initial meeting that I knew the session was going to be a blast.

As we were throwing around location ideas Laila mentioned that her first date with Joel was at the UNO Pizzeria at the Waterfront.  I thought this would be a fun place to shoot at since it had character.  We got some fun shots on the outside- and then travelled inside as well.

I have been shooting at Mellon Park a lot lately, BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME, and Laila stated she wanted to go there as well.  I am glad that we did.  There was a section where there were leaves all over the ground and I had the couple sit there.  It was perfect.

We then made our way to Bigelow Blvd overlook.  There was a HUGE tree with all of it’s bright yellow leaves still intact.  This was amazing.  I was telling Laila that these were such special pictures because probably by that time tomorrow all the leaves would have fallen.

Joel being such a sports fan we ended up at Heinz Stadium.  I love the images here- so fun.

I am beyond excited for their wedding next year.  I know that we will get some spectacular images- and I can’t wait to hang out with them again, too =)

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