Chatham University Chapel Wedding | Mt Washington Wedding Pictures | Tom & Kelly

Kelly had envisioned a snowy wedding day and that’s exactly what she got! =)  Tom and Kelly Donohoe got married on a beautiful snowy, but cold, day in February.  I was very excited to get some different sort of wedding photography images.

Kelly had really wanted to get a picture on Mt. Washington.  When we got there, it almost disappeared.  I was able to get just a faint shadow of the buildings.

I don’t often see closed toed as bridal shoes.  But, I loved these.

The decor at the Omni William Penn is to die for.  It definitely makes my job easier when I have location opportunities like this.

The chapel had such amazing natural light!  I didn’t have to use a flash at all.  This enables much greater feeling a natural.

Who doesn’t love a groomsmen jumping picture?  Getting your wedding party to jump is great fun and puts everyone in such a great mood.

How lucky am I that it was actually snowing during onsite shooting?  Granted it was 2 degrees, but nonetheless, it was awesome.

Their reception decor was breathtaking.  Very elegant.

I had an amazing day with Kelly and Tom.  I am so pleased to have had the chance to meet them and work with them.  I thank them very much for choosing Amber Marie Photography.

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