Spring Engagement Session | Joe & Jodi

I cannot even express how wonderful it is to photograph this time of year.  The array of budding trees and plants is just breathtaking.  With the environment looking so pretty it is definitely easy to capture some amazing images.

I had been waiting to shoot Joe and Jodi for their e-session.  I had met with Jodi months ago and she is just gorgeous!  When I met with her and Joe on the day of the shoot I was blown away by how sweet and beautiful they both were.  Their faces along with flowering trees made my photographic day =)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed… but I am a BIG fan of shooting into the sun.  I really enjoy the flare, color and just all over look of the distortion from the lens.  Oh, and Joe’s eyes are mesmerizing!  Did I mention that?  =)

One fo my favorites!!!  How awesome is this cobblestone road?  This is a very cute pic of the two.

I had a great time with Joe and Jodi and I CANNOT wait for their wedding in July =)

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