Oakland Engagement Session | Spring Pictures | Jenn & Ricky

It was another blue skied, sunny morning in Pittsburgh for Jenn and Ricky’s E-session.  The funny thing about this season so far is- THE SUN!!!  I think all of us photographers can attest to the fact that we usually don’t have to worry about that thing called the sun.  Pittsburgh is known for it’s gray and overcast skies- which we love.  So, it has definitely been a new challenge thus far dealing with our new friend 😉  But, I always welcome a challenge… challenge brings growth… and I have definitely been learning how to work with our new environment.

So, I went on ETSY and tried NOT to go overboard buying some cute props for the engagement sessions.  I like this one.

We definitely wanted to get a shot with the Cathedral.  I always like this view.  I actually don’t mind the sun shining right on them.

The “LOVE” banner.  It was a little windy- so catching that thing settled was tough. =)

These doors are excellent for pictures.  Fortunately, I was able to get a few shots before people started walking in and out.

I loved Jenn’s tattoo.  I had to get a picture.  Sometimes, I feel that when you cut out parts of the body and feature other parts- there’s so much more of a story being told =)  Love this pic.

Love love love this.  I knew this was going to be black and white when I was taking it.  I love how timeless this is!  Or how it could be anywhere.

Ricky and Jenn did a super good job!  I am excited for their wedding later this season!

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