Robert Morris Engagement Pictures | Greg & Lisa

It was my last Saturday before my weddings started to kick in and a perfect day for a session with Greg and Lisa.  I met the two of them a while ago at our initial meeting.  What struck me most about these two was that you could tell that they were totally best friends.  I was really eager to shoot them because I knew that their presence as a couple would really come through in photographs- and I was right!

OMG!  How perfect did this one turn out?!  I wouldn’t change anything in this image.

And, how often do you see lily pads anymore?  We had a long discussion about them too, ha ha.

You may not notice but the ground was covered in grass clippings.  Both myself and Lisa had about of pound of grass in our flats =)

This was maybe the 3rd or 4th shot of the day!  They were knockin’ it out of the park from the bat!

Their “nuzzle” was perfect. =)

They did such a FANTASTIC job and I am really so excited for their upcoming wedding this season!



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