Canfield Ohio Wedding | Amy & Andy Harman

I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting with Amy and Andy before the wedding- But, I could tell from their FB that they were an awesome couple.  When I arrived onsite at Amy’s she opened the door and my jaw dropped. She was STUNNING!!!  Not only gorgeous, but an amazing woman.  After getting ready pictures I headed to the church to meet Andy.  Nicest groom ever!  I knew I was in for a good day!

Love.  My favorite of the day!  You can’t beat the evening sun at their backs.

Beautiful church.

I was taking a few test shots and I just love this super candid one of the bridesmaids =)

Everyone is so happy when we do this photo!  I love it.

This shot was totally the groomsmen’s idea.  I think they were hailing Andy?  Ha ha.  Silly groomsmen, I always say.

Man o’ man.  Love this.

I had never seen lanterns decorate a dance floor.  Executed very well.

Amy’s dad’s speech was awesome.  And, I’m guessing he’s an Ohio State fan? 😉

Mary-Jean- Sweetest MOB!!!

This was a great way to get back in to the season.  I had an amazing time with Amy & Andy.  Thank you guys so much for being such an amazing couple to work with =)


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