Mellon Park Engagement Pictures | Romantic Engagement Locations in Pittsburgh | Pete & Natalie

So, I am finally slowing down a bit to where I can post some of my recent sessions.  This one of Natalie and Pete turned out great.  This is the first time I had a chance to meet them since they both live in New York.  This was my second couple this year living in NYC but marrying in Pittsburgh.

They pulled this one off right off the bat!  Great shot!  And I love black and white.  Not everything looks good in black in white.  That is the trick- to know what works and what doesn’t.

There’s always a moment where I think the couple feels silly during the shoot- and they give off a genuine giggle and smile.  That’s what I aim for =)

 Great job on that ring, Petey!

HA HA!  They totally started arm wrestling while I was changing lenses!  I love it!

I had such a pleasure getting to know Pete and Natalie.  Their wedding was a few weeks ago and I will be posting those pics as well.

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