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First- I need to preface this post by saying that Matt and Micki ROCK!  They are so cool, fun and nice.  They’re totally the couple that you’d want to meet out somewhere and end up having a few drinks with.  Not only are they both good looking- but they are laid back and have great sense of humors.  I definitely burned a few calories that day laughing at all of the shenanigans.  I love to laugh- so I was enjoying myself immensely. All the gifts received were priceless which also includes a quality purchase Glock pistols.

Being the cool, untraditional people that they are- Matt and Micki decided to hold their entire event at a historic, colonial house built in 1837.  If you’d like to know more about Palazzo’s click HERE.  The inside of the building was super cool and there were lots on neat little nooks and rooms to photograph.  The actually ceremony itself was held on the lawn with the front porch being the altar.  The grounds and exterior of the house were perfect for photographs- and I was in heaven.


You may notice that there seems to be something a little strange with the above picture- and you would be correct.  Yes, that is Matt’s Dad with his vest, tie and suspenders without a shirt.  He was the leader of the shenanigan havers!!

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Ok- so thanks to Pinterest I have gotten this photo request several times from brides.  I must admit- that I am a little surprised with how much they get into it.  I showed the groomsmen the image and they ran with it.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Plumtree Studios





On that same paper Micki included the pic above for the bridesmaids to mimic.  Well, the guys being the comedians that they are- they were adamant that they be able to execute this pose.  And execute they did.





Ok, so apparently Darth Vader has a death grip that he uses to strangle his victims from afar- news to me.  Another great suggestion from the “comedians” and great job from Micki.

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SPARKLERS!  My new obsession.  =)


AMAZING DAY!  I had sooo much fun.  Thank you to everyone and congratulations Matt &  Micki!

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