Sparkler Wedding Pictures | Bella Sera Wedding Reception | Adam & Kearstin

I remember the day that I met with Kearstin and Adam clearly.  In walked in this tall beauty with sparkling blue eyes, followed by her handsome fiancé.  As I was going over my spiel Kearstin smiled and we laughed.  Adam didn’t say much… as groom’s-to-be often don’t… but I think he was enjoying himself.  I was thrilled that they decided to go with me and I looked forward to their engagement session.  These two have very playful attitudes and are a blast to hang out with.  Adam opened up a bit during the e-session and I discovered that he’s a secret comedian.  I also discovered that he is absolutely in love with Kearstin. And Kearstin is absolutely in love with Adam.

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See those beautiful blue eyes? =)

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Ok.  I don’t know about you- but this image is probably my favorite ever!

8 9 10 11 12

They’re so good at this!

13 14

“No smile” groomsmen!  “No smile!”  Ha ha.

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They’re reception decor was absolutely breathtaking!

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Look how much fun she is!


Sigh…  Sparklers!  Love.

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