Wedding Pictures at Mellon Park | Wedding Reception at The Priory | Dustin & Lindsay

I hadn’t met Dustin and Lindsay until their wedding day- but we had already talked over the phone and were able to build a great rapport.  The first time I spoke with Lindsay on the phone I believe we chatted for hours.  We discussed our tastes, what sort of images we liked the best and discovered that we shared a lot of the same ideas.  Throughout the wedding planning process we remained in touch.  I was so excited that their wedding day had arrived so I could finally meet this beautiful couple.

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To pay homage to her obsession with the Real Housewives all of Lindsay’s bridesmaids are wearing a tank which reads, “The Real Bridesmaids of Lindsay’s Wedding.”  Cute idea.

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The natural light in the church was just beautiful.


The ceremony was very emotional and heartfelt.

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I love this.  They’re good dippers!  An art that is hard to master 😉

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For these images I told them that I was going to get close and I wanted them all over each other.  I think this was their favorite part of shooting.  They were kissing and embracing.  It was such a genuine moment.

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The day was perfect!  I had a wonderful time!

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