The Timberhouse at Rolling Acres Wedding Ceremony & Reception | Ryan & Blaire

During our engagement session last year I got to know Blaire and Ryan.  Blaire is the sweetest.  She is always smiling, always bubbly.  And Ryan totally loves her.  These two are the bestest of friends and totally soul mates.  From what I heard on the wedding day- they have been together since high school.  It is such a beautiful thing to see two people so in love after such a long time together.  Their wedding party was a blast too!  They were all good friends.  And you know what that means— Jokes, stories, the works.  Always my favorite.  I mean, who doesn’t want to crack up AND take pictures all day.  I was in heaven…


Of course I would see a wood pile and think, “this would be the perfect spot to photograph Blaire’s black, patent shoes!”  Welcome to the mind of an artist 😉

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These awesome earrings were hanging from a candle jar.  The most out of the ordinary objects can make for fascinating backgrounds.

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He had to walk to the back of the house, down a hill, down wooden steps in the hill and over to Blaire- all while blindfolded… camo-blindfolded


She loves him!


We had some time before the ceremony so we went to Brady’s Run Park for some pre-cermeony pics.

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This old ARMY truck just happened to be in someones backyard.  And apparently you can buy these trucks off of ebay.  I learned that from the groomsmen.

18 19 20 21 22

Gotta high-five after being announced as husband and wife! =)


‘T is I, groomsmen!  ‘T is I!  You’ll have to ask them about that one!  Funniest ever!

24 25 26

Lens flare?  Yes, please.


Very neat and contemporary cake topper.


This candy table lasted 1.2 seconds.

29 30

Epic shot captured by my 2nd shooter, Renee.

31 32 33 34

Now that’s happiness and love! =)

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