Erie Wedding Pictures | Wedding Reception at Sheraton in Erie | Will & Sam

When Will initially contacted me one of the first things that he mentioned was that his wedding was going to take place in Erie.  I was excited for the opportunity because I had never photographed there before.  I have seen wedding photos from the Bayfront area and they always looked like they were take in another place— not Northern Pennsylvania.  The only water that I usually get to photograph is the Allegheny River… so, needless to say, I was looking forward to a change of scenery.

porter 0022

Bedazzled heels.  Such a fun, little touch.

porter 0023 porter 0045 porter 0049

Apparently, I was really into hanging things off of light fixtures here =)

porter 0079 porter 0086

Classic black and white groomsmen.

porter 0133 porter 0219

It’s sooo sweet when the grooms tear up when they see their bride for the first time.

porter 0226 porter 0237 porter 0280 porter 0404 porter 0420 porter 0432 porter 0439 porter 0460 porter 0481 porter 0508 porter 0517 porter 0539

This shot actually happened for real first.  I looked over and the light behind them was amazing.  I made them walk back up and walk back down again.

porter 0565 porter 0581 porter 0586 porter 0619 porter 0642 porter 0702

Erie Bayfront.  The water was blue, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing.  It was perfect.

porter 0727 porter 0752porter 0766 porter 0793 porter 0846porter 0856

This could be one of my favorite images ever.

porter 0904porter 0660 porter 0947 porter 0987

Love, love, love capturing the B&G’s reactions during the toasts.

porter 0994 porter 1132 porter 1153 porter 1194 porter 1288 porter 1377

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