Pittsburgh Wedding at Omni William Penn | All Flower Arbour | Wedding Pictures at Phipps Conservatory | Jon & Cara

When I first met with Jon & Cara I was struck by how gorgeous they were.  Cara with long, golden hair.  Jon with a very charismatic personality.  These two were a photographers dream.  When it was time for the engagement session my mind was blown.  They were professionals- haha.  They took direction great and the camera liked them very much.  So, when the wedding day came I knew this was going to be a fantastic event to be documented.

Arriving at the Omni, Cara was getting her hair and make-up done by professionals from New York.  Her and Jon were from there, so decided to bring all the best people with them.  The suite was buzzing and there were tons of wonderful things to shoot.  Everything about Cara is elegant.  Even when her hair is pinned and she has nearly no make-up on.  She just radiates.

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This was a poem that her grandfather had written for her grandmother.  Tear.

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We set up the first look at Phipps.  This is great location for portraits of the B&G.  It is private and beautiful every time of year.

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L . O . V . E .

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Cara was great to work with.  She had fun with it.  It makes all of the difference in the world.

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Their ceremony decor was RIDONKULOUS!

21 22 23

By the reception they were ready to party.  They are such a fun couple.

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Yeah, um, so halfway through her sisters toast the place broke in a flash mob.  A FLASH MOB.  By far the coolest thing I have ever seen.  Period.

27 29

Downtown Sparklers.  That’s a first for me!  Pretty neat.


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