Shady Elms Wedding | Shaun and Kaitlyn

Shady Elms Farms has only been open for weddings for a few years now so I feel lucky when I can shoot a wedding there.  The thing that I find at this venue, where other “wedding farm weddings” are lacking, is the true essence of a farm.  There is a farm house.  Two barns very close to one another and a huge pond.  It is close and comfy.  Shady Elms is definitely on the top of my list of favorite places to photograph.

I was very much looking forward to seeing Kaitlyn as a bride.  She has this very angelic, sweet, pure heart aura about her.  She is one of those brides that you can’t help but to smile the whole time you are looking at her.


I love that she chose to wear her hair down.  I believe having your hair down comforts you in moments that you may be nervous.

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Smart move!  Kaitlyn chose to wear comfy, slipper flats.  I was actually jealous, because they looked way more comfortable than the shoes I was wearing.

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The details that Kaitlyn and Shaun chose complimented the location perfectly.

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These two are definitely naturals.

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See!  Like an angel.

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Both Shaun and Kaitlyn laughed and smiled like this the whole day.  It was an honor to have the opportunity to spend this time with them.

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Sparklers!  I loved getting the string lights as well.  I just love the star effect along with the sparkler.

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