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When I finally met Krysten and Matt for their engagement session the first thing I noticed was how much Krysten was laughing and smiling.  This made me feel happy.  Like, when you see someone hysterically laughing where you start to laugh too- even though you have no idea what they’re laughing about?  Yeah, that’s how I felt around these two.  Happy.  It was contagious.

My e-session with them was really laid back and fun.  What I noticed about these two, as they fiddled with Scrabble pieces to spell “FOREVER,” was how cute they sounded together.  They are in their own world together of true friendship, respect and love.  I left them super looking forward to spending time again with them on their wedding day.

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Pearls.  Classic.  Elegant.  Just like Krysten.


Her girls were so much fun.  They laughed and had a blast all day.

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Candles that line the aisle leading to the altar add such a romantic ambiance.


Groomsmen behave sooo good at the altar. 😉


No wind = bubbles heading in the direction that you want them to go.


So, Krystens Grandmother was one Sassy lady.  I see where Krysten gets it from.  Nana totally said something hilarious here.

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Two things.  How adorable is Krystens sister?  Second, Krystens bridesmaid told me that this is how Krysten introduced herself (right).  She is able to do this crazy double jointed finger thing.  One of the things that I really love about Krysten is that while she is so beautiful she is not afraid to be silly and fun.  Also, I love how the fingers seem to be a weapon used to attack- obviously exemplified by the face that Krysten is making.  Man, I really love this pic.  Hahah.


She loves her bridesmaids!

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With as fun and goofy they were they were equally loving and sweet with one another.


See.  Pic A sweet.  Pic B silly.  Love it.


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