Jenny & Corey – Walled Gardens at Mellon Park

There are just some couples who make you smile! Jenny and Corey
were so full of joy and laughter.
It was a pleasure to work with them
There is no shortage of fantastic spots to photograph in Mellon Park.
The Walled Gardens are full of fountains, statues and walls in different colors and textures.mellon-park-engagement-picturesmellon-park-engagement-picturesmellon-park-engagement-picturesmellon-park-engagement-picturesmellon-park-engagement-picturesmellon-park-engagement-pictures
Mellon Park was gorgeous. The flowers were blooming, the foliage and
grasses were green, all the colors just came together.mellon-park-engagement-pictures mellon-park-engagement-pictures mellon-park-engagement-pictures
mellon-park-engagement-picturesmellon-park-engagement-picturesAnother spectacular engagement session!
Springtime in Pittsburgh is breathtaking and Jenny and Corey couldn’t have been better.

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