What is the most important thing to look for in a Wedding Photographer

Personality is the most important thing to
look for in a Wedding Photographer?

When I have bride that would like to get more information about my photography services I always encourage an in-person meeting.  Sure, its more convenient to just have a phone call, but meeting someone face to face is simply invaluable.

Along with selling wedding photography, I also sell the experience.  A wedding photographer has a huge impact on your big day.  Think about it, if you don’t have a connection with them, how will you feel comfortable in front of the lens?  If you have zero rapport, you’re images will most likely come across less natural.

A wedding photographer’s vibe can set the tone.  If your photographer is not organized that is going to cause extra chaos on an already busy day.  Typically, you can grasp a person’s character traits during an in-person meeting with them.  At that time, you’ll be able to tell from their overall demeanor how they will handle your day photographically.  If they have a boring persona, it will be a boring shoot.  And, who wants someone like that around their friends and family on the best day of their life?

So, what do you want to look for in a wedding photographer?  Easy… energy!  You want to look for someone who has passion for what they do.  If someone has passion about the work they are doing, you are guaranteed to receive 110% from them.  You can get an idea of a wedding photographer’s level of passion by hearing the way they speak and by watching the expression on their face.  Using their hands a lot when talking is a dead give away, as well.  You should get just as excited as the photographer when she is describing what to expect. Excitement is contagious, and you should be tap dancing on cloud 9 after you meet.

What if you’re not sure about the samples of work that they have provided?  With the industry being so ridiculously saturated, you may feel yourself torn between 2 or several wedding photographers.  Go with the person you feel the most comfortable with—the one with the best “vibe.”  I can speak first hand that the closer I am with my brides, the better the images turn out.  I feel comfortable, they feel comfortable, and wallah, beautiful imagery.  We trust each other… we allow one another to get carried away in the bubble.  And that’s how you achieve genuine images.

I’m assuming one of the biggest obstacles when choosing a wedding photographer is budget.  You view a wedding photographers work, you gather their vibe, but they’re a couple hundred to a thousand dollars out of your budget.  You meet with them anyway and they knock your socks off.  BOOK THEM!  Your pictures are the only tangible memory you will have of your wedding day.  Skim a little from all the other pieces and book that photographer.  A wedding photographer that you genuinely like will add tremendously to the overall experience on your wedding day.

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