What should I wear for my fall engagement pictures?

I get the most questions about what to wear in the beginning of fall.  The colors around are beginning  to change .  The trees and surrounding foliage become warmer.  We begin to catch a lot more oranges and yellows.  What we don’t want to do… is match that.  We don’t want to blend in and disappear by wearing gold and brown tones.  The colors that I suggest are navy’s and maroons.  This is a perfect combination for surrounding fall colors.  The navy separates you from the brown grasses and the maroons pop in front of the deep greens of the remaining leaves.


When it comes to footwear I suggest you check out Flyp as they have these tall and ankle boots for the ladies.  This can be with cuffed jeans or with a skirt and stockings.  I do encourage skirts or dresses during this time, as well.  Often times October is still warm enough to get away with a long sleeved dress.  For the gents, I suggest head to toe navy.  There is just something complete about a monotone shirt and pant for fall that I adore.  If you want to break it up, throw on a quilted vest or jacket.  Footwear for men can include brown or black leather sneakers or brown dress shoes.

Accessories are another must for the fall season.  For the ladies we can dress up a solid colored jumper with a gold statement necklace or chandelier earrings.  Scarfs are also very popular… but make sure they’re not too overwhelming.  I’ve seen some scarfs swallow people whole… only left to see two little eyeballs popping above the opening- haha.  The guys can include statement belts and watches.  Even a sport coat or leather hat can be fun.

Since there will be close ups of the ring, there are certain nail colors that go with with the season.  Blood red, deep purple, dark blue, dark gray and black are some of my favorites.  I would try to stay away from the bright colors.  Pinks, reds and blues have more of a spring and summer vibe.

Fall is one of my favorite times because the essence of the season just makes you want to reach out and cuddle the person that you’re with.  The golden hour that time of year is priceless.  If you’re able to be flexible with session time, I do suggest about 2 hours before sunset.  Nothing can compare to the beautiful sunset light in early to mid October.  It is heavenly.  That time of year is great to incorporate the trees and grasses, so I would definitely take advantage of that if you can.

Below I have included some great outfit combinations for your fall engagement session.



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