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An engagement is such an exciting time for couples – between the newness of the celebration to beginning wedding planning, there’s plenty to look forward to! Engagement photo shoots are one of the most fun activities to participate in, as it gives you and your partner a time to relax and have fun in front of the camera – but if you’re shy or unsure what to expect, the thought of an engagement shoot in Pittsburgh might seem a little overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be! Here are some easy tips to consider when you begin planning your engagement photography shoot around your favorite Pittsburgh locations:

Keep them fun! Engagement shoots are designed to be more relaxed and fun – this makes it a much better experience for you and helps your engagement photographer capture beautiful, candid shots. Even if you or your partner is nervous or shy about taking pictures, an engagement photography shoot is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your photographer; after all, you want someone who makes you comfortable and carefree throughout both your engagement and wedding photographs.

Consider your outfits. Depending on where in Pittsburgh you’re having your engagement shoot done, your outfit is an important one to consider. Talk with your photographer about possible locations and then narrow down outfit options – avoid wearing all white or black clothing and it’s often a good idea to avoid busy patterns or brand names on clothing that you might not want to see on your pictures years down the line. Instead of changing into a number of similarly styled outfits, consider having one formal and one casual option to switch things up if you want some variety.

Location is key! There are countless locations around Pittsburgh that match any aesthetic style – whether you want something urban and industrial, or something a bit softer. Your engagement photographer can suggest an assortment of options to match what you’re looking for, some you might not even be aware of at first! Choosing opposites is also a possibility for even more variety; for example, if you’re getting married in summer, a winter engagement shoot is perfect, or if you are throwing a garden wedding, an engagement shoot with the Pittsburgh skyline is a gorgeous complement.

Not sure when your wedding is taking place? You can schedule an engagement shoot any time you want! Contact me today to talk about possible engagement shoot locations in the Pittsburgh area.

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