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When planning a wedding, it’s only natural to include personal elements and style into many aspects of the beautiful day – from the flowers in the bouquet to the silhouette of the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses – but even as these special touches are incorporated, there’s another reason why you’re likely choosing a specific table layout or venue setting: trends!

Trends are everywhere you look in the world of weddings and they play a major, positive influence on the overall look and feel of a wedding. You might be thinking to yourself – I don’t want a trendy wedding, but something more classic and timeless. The good news is that trends help propel wedding styles forward through gorgeous uses of color, texture and even unique details that actually help make your wedding more customized than ever! Even if you choose to go with a wedding aesthetic that’s more vintage and classic-inspired, there are plenty of modern touches you can incorporate into the event to keep it fresh and stunning.

Wedding Trends Through the Decades 

What are some of the major wedding trends that have taken place over the decades? You can see here that even what we now consider a timeless style was once a trend!

1930s: Cake toppers were first used to add a personal element to beautiful wedding desserts.

1950s: Bridal gowns featured inspiration from glamorous icons, including Grace Kelly. Hemlines were a bit shorter, the sweetheart neckline was prominent, and details such as gloves were once again ‘on trend.’

1970s: Natural textures and greenery were used in bridal accessories, rather than classic veils, to accommodate the transition from the 1960s. Weddings also became more intimate and casual, and vows were switched up from some of the traditional wordings.

2010s: Most aspects of a wedding are customized and on trend thanks to the frequent sharing of social media and bridal inspiration – unique features include doughnut cakes or pies in place of the wedding cake, wedding photography features more movement and flow rather than formal posing, and digital touches, such as geofilters, are incorporated into the big day!

When planning a wedding, trends are helpful and provide so much inspiration that will give you endless possibilities in creating the wedding you always dreamed about. Wedding photography and locations are also very much a part of changing trends – instead of thinking of trends as something that is constantly evolving, it’s a good idea to see it as a way to always infuse something new and amazing into your wedding day!

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