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It’s time to take your engagement photos – there’s only one tiny issue: you have no idea where you want to go and have them done! Or, what if this is one of your first times being captured as a couple by a professional Pittsburgh wedding photographer – are you nervous or unsure how the day is going to go?

One awesome way to make the day as fun and comfortable as possible – as well as help you keep the stress to a minimum when you’re trying to figure out how you want your Pittsburgh engagement photos to turn out – is to take your engagement photos in the comfort of your own home! While it’s always fun to head to some beautiful destination around Pittsburgh for engagement pictures, there’s no rule that says you have to leave the comfy confines of your personal surroundings – in fact, your photos will likely come out even better because you’ll be relaxed and in a familiar setting.

Keep in mind that not all of your engagement photos need to be displayed for friends and family! Have fun taking intimate, playful pictures that celebrate this special time as a newly engaged couple – just another reason why taking engagement photos at home is so on-trend at the moment. Wondering how to make this idea work for you? Check out some of these helpful tips:

  • Choose spots that get amazing light! Your engagement photographer has a great eye when it comes to selecting spots in the house that are perfect for photos. Whether it’s warm natural light streaming into the bedroom or a golden sunlight that floods the living room during the afternoon, there are so many possibilities for breathtaking engagement photos.
  • Look for areas that are decorated, not busy. Depending on your personal style or the vision you have for your engagement phots, choose areas in and around the house that highlight your personality – whether through color or décor – but that’s not too overwhelming in color or pattern. If you have a favorite spot in the house as a couple, look for ways to create a backdrop out of it or remove a few items from the space if it looks too busy!
  • Let your photographer work magic! When you hire an engagement and wedding photographer, you want to trust them completely that they will show you in the best and most relaxed state possible. For the most breathtaking images, let go of feeling nervous or embarrassed and allow your photographer to sink into the background to capture the moment.


Interested in taking your engagement photos in your Pittsburgh home? Contact me today so we can talk about how to create gorgeous images for this special time!

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