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For many couples, the idea of an engagement shoot is a tad bit awkward – especially if you and your partner haven’t had professional pictures taken together! Also, an engagement shoot is typically the first time you’ll interact with your potential wedding photographer, so the first-time jitters are definitely there when it comes to posing and being intimate in front of a complete stranger.

One of the best ways to eliminate some of the nervousness is to get to know your engagement photographer before the shoot. Going over the basics of what will take place during the photo shoot, as well as suggestions and recommendations is often enough to help couples take a big sigh of relief and have a blast during the engagement shoot. Here are some additional tips on what to expect during a Pittsburgh engagement photo shoot and how you can make the most of your pictures – after all, this is such a special and exciting time in your life and you want that energy to come through in the images!

  • Get comfortable with your photographer. When you feel completely comfortable around your engagement photographer, it comes across in all the photos you take. Before you start taking your engagement photos, chat with your Pittsburgh photographer – it’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and, before you know it, they will feel less like a stranger behind the camera and more like a friend. The engagement shoot is also a perfect time to determine if the photographer will be a good fit for your wedding – everything should feel natural, comfortable and fun!
  • Choose a spot that makes you feel relaxed. If you’re out of your element, it makes everything seem uncomfortable and forced – which totally comes across in your pictures. When deciding a Pittsburgh location for your engagement shoot, choose a spot that allows you to feel relaxed as a couple – whether it’s your favorite Pittsburgh park, coffee shop or just an urban location that you love.
  • Don’t take everything too seriously. If you’ve never done an engagement shoot, chances are you’re doing all you can to mentally prepare – it’s probably why this blog post has caught your eye! One of the best things you can do before an engagement shoot is to let everything happen organically – the more you try to plan and pose, the more unnatural the images look. Stay in the moment and relish this amazing time with your soon-to-be spouse!

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