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Pets are family, so what better way to celebrate an upcoming wedding than taking your engagement photos with your furry companion? Whether you’re sticking close to home or you want to take your pet to a destination spot to shoot your Pittsburgh engagement photos, check out some of these tips to make things fun and easy during the experience!

Get in some pre-engagement shoot exercise

If you have a young dog or puppy, who may benefit from trainings like MLK9 Dog Training, chances are their energy levels are in abundance! Throw in an exciting day at a park with friendly people around (your engagement photographer!) and your pet will likely be full of excitement and hyper energy.

One way to get your dog to be more cooperative during the engagement shoot is to take them on a long walk before the session — that way they are more relaxed and calm during the shoot itself. The happier the dog or pet, the better the engagement photographs! If you are planning to do this now then it is better to take your dog to the vet first and curbside vet care is much safer when there’s a pandemic

Bring some help

An engagement shoot is fun, but for couples not used to posing or being in front of the camera, caring for a pet throughout the process might add some unwanted stress. If possible, bring someone along on the photo shoot to help you with your pet – they can take the pet back home when you move on to the next location of the shoot and they’ll be on standby to offer water and treats throughout the shoot. Leaving pets in the car alone is never a good idea, no matter what the weather – which is why having a helper makes the day enjoyable for everyone (pets included!).

Go with the flow

Some of the best engagement photos happen when you are in your element with your partner – it allows the engagement photographer to capture candid moments where you’re both relaxed and happy! Pets are good at picking up on your energy so the calmer and relaxed you are, the happier they will be – and it also allows all of you to show off your unique personalities. Candid moments are especially fun with pets and gives the engagement photographer amazing opportunities to capture all the silly looks and candid shots.

Bringing a pet to an engagement shoot is a great idea with a little additional planning – don’t forget to have treats on hand to reward your pet for good behavior! If you need more tips or suggestions about including pets in engagement photos, contact me.

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