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It’s your wedding day – you should feel as beautiful as you look in your gorgeous gown! You’re ready to enjoy the day you’ve spent so long planning and dreaming about, not to mention all of the precious wedding photos that will be taken and cherished for years to come.

You might be nervous, which is totally common for most brides and often confused for not feeling photogenic – but that’s the furthest thing from the truth! With these few simple tips, you’ll be able to relax and incorporate some of these ideas into your photo-taking moments that will having you looking and feeling like the gorgeous bride that you are.

  • Hold a prop – One of the most common questions brides have during photo shoots is, what do I do with my hands? Holding something in your hands – whether it’s a bouquet, sparklers or your partner’s hand – will help you feel more relaxed and offer one less thing to worry about. The more you think about the pose, the less natural it will come out!
  • Turn around – There are so many beautiful elements to your bridal look – from the back of the gown to a romantic train or delicate buttons – showing them off will also give you a chance to take gorgeous pictures without feeling like the center of attention.
  • Balance out eye contact – If being in front of a camera makes you nervous but you still want flawless shots, you can easily look away from the lens and try to pretend as though the camera isn’t there. Laugh with your bridesmaids, smile at your partner or look off into the distance for that perfect three-quarter shot – this captures so much beauty and gives the photos such a relaxed feel.
  • Ask for distance shots – Are you in love with the venue or Pittsburgh views from your ceremony and reception? Show it off by using it as a backdrop – this will also help you feel more natural and candid without being so close to the camera.


Blending a few of these options with more intimate wedding photographs will give your album a stunning array of shots – all of which you’ll look relaxed, happy and, most important of all, feeling like a beautiful bride on her wedding day!

Want more ideas on how to feel confident in front of the camera? Contact me today about upcoming engagement and wedding plans!

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