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Warmer weather is always welcome after a long winter – choosing an outdoor wedding venue in Pittsburgh for the spring, summer and fall months comes with plenty of appeal! The landscape is gorgeous and full of color, the weather is beautiful (mostly!) and outdoor venues often accommodate a vast number of guests, making it a top choice for many Pittsburgh brides who want to embrace the surroundings and infuse it into the overall style.

But along with all of the positive attributes of an outdoor wedding, there are some considerations to make when choosing which venue to hold your ceremony, reception or both! Here are some easy tips to remember when deciding whether or not you want to hold your Pittsburgh wedding celebration outdoors:

  • What’s the backup plan? As much as we love the different seasons, it’s not unreasonable to want perfect weather on a wedding day! But what happens if you’re getting married on a June afternoon and there’s a thunderstorm approaching – or what will you do if that beautiful October wedding you’ve been planning turns into a day of early slush and rain? When you want to hold your wedding outdoors, you always need to consider a backup plan – what will you do when the weather doesn’t cooperate? The venue is often able to help with alternatives, whether that means moving things indoors or setting up a tent if you start to notice that the weather is getting questionable during the week of the wedding.
  • Where are utilities? If you’re planning an outdoor reception or an evening ceremony, you’re going to need lighting over the space and power sources for the entertainment vendor. Talk about logistics with the Pittsburgh wedding venue. More often than not these wedding venues are prepared and set up with the proper utilities, but you should know the details before signing that contract!
  • Proximity to restrooms? An outdoor wedding is perfect – but when you have a lot of guests there is going to be a need for accessible restroom facilities. Is the venue’s restroom a far walk for guests and does it have the capacity to serve the number of people you have on your guest list? Go over these options with the venue – the last thing you want is a line of guests waiting for the restroom when they should be out on the dance floor!


There are so many gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in Pittsburgh – let’s chat about some options and talk about your wedding plans!


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