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Spring weddings in Pittsburgh are so beautiful – from the bright colors, longer days and amazing weather, what’s not to love? Whether you’re recently engaged and ready to start planning your Pittsburgh wedding in the upcoming year or you need some inspiration for planning a spring wedding, there are plenty of considerations to make that will make the process even easier!

Incorporate the season into the wedding

There are so many gorgeous elements of spring – from the delicate floral blooms to the pastel hues and flavors – so why not incorporate them into your wedding planning? This could be as simple as choosing the color palette to match the season, such as bridesmaid dresses being in soft shades or purple or pink, or something as easy as adding a fresh sprig of Rosemary to a napkin or placesettings in the reception for a fresh and modern touch. Spring is all about renewal and newness, which can definitely be added into any theme for added beauty.

Prepare for the weather

Spring weather is gorgeous, but it’s also unpredictable. Don’t let that deter you from planning the dream April or May wedding you’ve always wanted! Instead, prepare for the unexpected – whether that means having a tent set up just in case you’re planning an outdoor wedding or offering party gifts or favors that are useful, such as umbrellas. Thoughtful party favors that are also functional long after the wedding are worth the money.

Infuse spring ingredients into the menu

After a long and hearty Pittsburgh winter, there’s nothing better than lightening up the ingredients and the menu! Have fun with traditional spring flavors – whether that means serving lamb shanks and mint sauce for dinner or even adding an assortment of seasonal vegetables into appetizer hour. Another way to infuse spring flavors into your Pittsburgh wedding? The wedding cake! Layers of lemon cake or delicate citrus mousse accents are a great way to add a little zest into the dessert spread. We’d originally planned to get Halloween-themed cake pops and other halloween-themed dishes for the party, but we then figured out that that wouldn’t go well with the weather.

Consider the changing sunlight

Through the entire spring season, the days continue to get longer – which means golden hour and sunset times will change depending on your wedding date! Talk with your Pittsburgh wedding photographer about when the ideal picture times will be for those extra special shots you want to take.

Ready to start planning your spring wedding in Pittsburgh? Let’s chat!

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