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Wedding foliage and floral blooms look so beautiful in the reception space – but why limit it to just there? Adding arrangements to the wedding décor during the ceremony adds so much beauty and texture, in addition to tying it in with the overall theme found in the reception. During seasonal weddings, colorful leaves or branches add an extra touch of elegance – or even something as simple as a flower bud or fresh herbs secured to guest seating! Check out these other beautiful ways to add greenery to a wedding ceremony:

Ceremony accent – A perfect solution when you have a wide-open space with a minimalist design, greenery adds color and texture to an otherwise blank canvas. Ferns add fresh color to the space and can add that extra pop in the wedding photography – especially if you’re having the ceremony in a gorgeous setting with plenty of architecture detail or stonework.

Mood lighting – Whether you want to do hanging lanterns over the altar or candles alongside the chairs, soft lighting adds a romantic glow to the wedding ceremony. No matter what style or theme you’re looking for, hanging or twinkle lights also add a whimsical touch and are super cost effective! Depending on the type of space you’re holding the Pittsburgh wedding ceremony, additional lighting can complement or soften existing options – especially if the space is industrial or more on the urban side.

Decorating chairs – While certain styles of chairs are beautiful on their own, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little bit more of a romantic touch! Adding a simple floral arrangement to chairs can dress up the space and create a modern version of the traditional aisle runner. Once inside the wedding reception, continue the theme by dressing up the chairs at the sweetheart table – a gorgeous leaf wreath or runner helps those special chairs stand out even more.

Use fresh herbs throughout – There’s nothing more fragrant than delicate herbs and flowers! Instead of rose petals throughout the ceremony, consider something with a more relaxing touch, such as lavender buds or rosemary sprigs. These options can also tie into the table settings of the wedding reception and work well for a springtime celebration.

There are so many unique ways to add greenery to a Pittsburgh wedding ceremony – if you’d like help finding a great local florist or need some ideas on venue locations, contact me so we can chat!

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